Timeshare Debt Settlement Review

Timeshare Debt Settlement Review

For many timeshare owners getting behind in the bills and having the timeshare account become negative or even charged off happens. For a majority of timeshare owners that go through cancellation companies end up with credit card debt, timeshare charge off debt sand more. But there is a solution to this timeshare debt. We give a solid review for Timeshare Debt Settlement. They are repairing many of the errors other companies have done, and assisting timeshare owners in negotiating or settling the financial burden timeshares bring.

Located in Florida, Timeshare Debt Settlement, settles, or negotiates for settlement timeshare. credit card, and any other unsecured debt. This is a specialized service for timeshare companies have spent billions of dollars making a timeshare contract that is hard to break and detrimental to default on.

Timeshare Debt Settlement has a network of debt attorney’s that achieve roughly 30-40% settlement on all unsecured debt. They are a regulated firm and must follow the Federal Trade Commission guidelines for debt settlement.

This company offers a free consultation and provides the actual numbers a client would be paying which is about half from what we saw. This is an option to most timeshare owners who used an exit company and has not paid for the mortgage in months. Their accounts are charged off and in the hands of a debt collector or worse. They offer debtor protection, counter suit protection, and provide a valuable source of information for clients to call upon as needed.

We asked Timeshare debt Settlement to break down their fee’s and success. They stated they follow the industry standard of debt settlement which is 15-25%, they advised me of total cost of service is roughly 27% of the total debt enrolled, but that fee includes all attorney’s legal fee’s, filing fee’s, lawsuit protection, FDCPA protection,(Fair Debt Collection Act), and protection from harassment od debt collectors.

Their Services include:

  • Credit Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Credit Monitoring
  • 24/7 Online Client Portal
  • Direct Disputes For all Timeshare Related Accounts.
  • Removal of Timeshare Charge Off Accounts.
  • Removal of Timeshare Public Records.
  • Stop Timeshare Foreclosure.
  • End Timeshare Debt Collections.

We have never seen a specialized settlement firm as this. Timeshare Debt Settlement has been around roughly over a year, but their settlement attorney’s have been practicing law for over 25 years. Both Timeshare Debt Settlement and the law firm are members of the American Bar Association.

Timeshare Debt Settlement offers a free consultation and no obligation material. There is a process to enroll but from what we have seen online and spoke to some clients it is well worth it. Many exit companies don’t completely remove the debt, so you need a company like this to do it. We give them a positive review for providing a service which cannot be ruined by greedy or fraudulent timeshare exit companies. In fact, Timeshare Debt Settlement is either fixing the damage done, slowing it down.

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