Timeshare Credit Repair

Timeshare Credit Repair Review

Permanently Remove Timeshares Debt.

This company is located in Orlando, FL and is focused on timeshare credit, timeshare debt removal, timeshare contract cancellation, credit monitoring, and protection from harassment.

Remove  timeshare collection accounts, timeshare foreclosures, timeshare charge-off, and stop timeshare debt collectors. This company comes highly recommended. Not only are the regulated by the financial division on the US, but they have credit and timeshare related attorneys. Licensed bonded and insured presents a lot of protection for consumers.

They are the only credit and risk management firm in the United States that focuses on timeshare debt and timeshare accounts. The average credit repair company does not have the experience and industry specific strategy to remove timeshare debt and negative credit reporting out of your life. But we remove, repair, and stop timeshare accounts from ruining your life. 

This companies the first of it’s kind. There has never been a credit repair company which specializes only timeshares and timeshare related accounts. Most credit repair companies not not service the timeshare industry or do not approach timeshare accounts on their clients credit.

Timeshare Credit Repair is backed by one of the industries leading credit management firm. Their systems, and services work seamlessly and the results are what timeshare owners want. We have seen their posts online of deleted timeshare accounts and credit score increases. This is a positive influence for Timeshare Credit Repair.

Now many timeshare owners have collection accounts, or the timeshare account is sitting on their credit and they need help. Well you have found the help. The only downside we see for this company is time in business. They have only been around for a little over a year but there are no negative reviews anywhere online. This is amazing for any company in the credit or timeshare business. We do know they are updating the review availability so potential clients may be able to see them effortlessly.

Free Consultation

Timeshare Credit Repair does offer a free consultation, a free credit report, and a free credit assessment. Their consultation does include credit and a review of your timeshare situation, but you will know all your options when it is done.

Target and Monitor

During Timeshare Credit Repair’s service they will monitor your credit which is typically an additional charge in every credit management company. They will target the timeshare and any other related accounts to be removed from your credit reports. For any other accounts which are hurting your credit ask the consultant about the items and you will find out they will handle your entire credit profile. This is a major win, you have the timeshare account removed, and all negative items!

Timeshare Removal

Timeshare Credit Repair states their team has a 73% success rate of removal in the first 30-60 days. Their goal is to remove these accounts for good. They also state access to their attorney’s for timeshare contracts, and consumer rights violations. So they are direct with credit but can also remove the timeshare from your life. We asked them about credit cards and if they assist with them. They advised us they will target all the accounts on the credit report to have them removed, they can cancel the timeshare contract, and go after any money owed to the client.

Permanently remove your timeshare accounts from your credit.

Best Timeshare Credit Repair

They have worked against every timeshare developer out there. And have gone up against all of the major collection agencies that work for and with these timeshare companies.

At Timeshare Exit Programs we give Timeshare Credit Repair a solid review. This company will work wonders on your credit, and they will remove the timeshare for good. They come licensed, bonded, and insured, and has attorneys for credit and timeshare related issues. They have been providing proof online of their work which is a huge plus. The only hesitation we have is time in business, but with insurance and a bond I would be OK with it.


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