Timeshare News

When it comes to timeshare news, the industry is a merry-go-round of innovation. Top names in hospitality are introducing new designs, innovations and features to their properties. While some owners are forced to endure expensive ongoing obligations, others are enjoying their property. Timeshare owners also have an expanding list of exciting destinations to visit around the world.

The latest in timeshare news is a merger between two of the world’s biggest timeshare operators. In October, Signature Resorts announced that it had acquired LSI, which consists of 46 resorts in the United States and Canada. The company claims to be the largest operator of timeshare resorts in the world. It also boasts of having nearly 60,000 owners in Europe.

Another piece of timeshare news is the launch of the pan European Timeshare Association. This is a newly formed organization that will have offices in Brussels, Madrid, and London. On January 1, 1998, it will officially launch.

One of the most interesting things about the new organization is its name. Its slogan is, “Timeshare owners, the future of your vacation.” A new marketing campaign will be launched by Seasons Holidays plc. During the campaign, they will distribute free Seasons playing cards. They will also announce that they will introduce a new points-based timeshare product.

Other timeshare news stories include the emergence of the pan European Timeshare Association, and the introduction of a new Spanish timeshare law. For those who are considering joining the timeshare craze, these are important developments.

There are many websites and other resources available to help you decide which timeshare product is right for you. The best way to find out is to research the market. Find out about the product’s features, including the perks and amenities, the price and the potential risks. If you don’t like the way your resort is operated, you can always try to sell it. Of course, you will probably have to pay a good chunk of the sale price in order to transfer the ownership to another party. But it’s a worthwhile investment.

Another noteworthy timeshare news item is the announcement of a new point split policy by Grand Vacation Club. The company claims to be the largest operator in the industry, with 175,000 timeshare owners at 46 resorts worldwide.

While the Financial Times reports a flurry of timeshare news, there is no question that this industry has a lot of problems. The Daily Telegraph, a UK publication, has printed a large consumer report on the industry.

Another big news is the merger of II holding companies with RCI. The combined company will be renamed Cendant Corp., and the new entity is expected to be in a better financial shape than its predecessor. According to its finance director, the merged companies will be in a position to raise $2 billion in loan notes. These notes will give the company ample liquidity to weather the storm.

There’s also a new timeshare site on the web. TUG is a website aimed at providing information and advice to timeshare owners. As of this writing, the site has sold $58 million worth of timeshares.

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