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timeshare news

Timeshare news focuses on the industry that sells vacation ownership packages. It’s an often cyclical industry, and it’s important to keep track of the latest developments in the space.

Investing in the right timeshare company at the start of a new business cycle can pay off, especially for investors who are willing to take risks and hold for the long term. Wyndham Destinations (NYSE: WYND) is a good example of a company that’s in a better position to deal with the industry’s upcoming challenges.

A rebrand from Wyndham Destinations to Travel + Leisure gave the company some tools it didn’t have before to help it handle hard times like COVID-19 and volatile demand dynamics in the hospitality sector. As a result, Wyndham Destinations’ shares have increased over the past year, and it recently reaffirmed its full-year forecast, according to Reuters.

One of the biggest timeshare companies, Marriott Vacations Worldwide (NYSE:MAR), has also been a good choice for investors over the years. The company’s president, John Geller, is set to become its CEO on January 1, 2023. He’ll succeed Stephen Weisz, who plans to retire in 2023.

The timeshare industry is an interesting one to watch, as it offers insight into broader trends in the hotel and resort business, as well as into cross-marketing tactics. It can give a glimpse into how companies approach the idea of subscription clubs and how they cross-sell to other types of hotels, including luxury brands that may not have timeshares.

Timeshares are a great way to gain access to the world’s best resorts. However, they’re often difficult to understand and can be complicated. It’s best to learn all you can about the timeshare you’re considering before you sign a contract.

Consumer-friendly resources for researching a timeshare include websites such as the Timeshare Crusader, the Timeshare Users Group, Redweek and even Facebook groups whose members own timeshares from the same developer. Many of these sites also feature unbiased reviews of timeshares and resorts.

These consumer-friendly sources can give you a solid understanding of what timeshares are, how they work and whether or not they’re the right choice for your needs. They can also provide information on what to look for in a timeshare, such as how much it costs and whether it’s a good investment.

Some timeshare owners are frustrated by the high fees they pay to own their timeshares, and want to get out of them. They’re not alone – some timeshares cost more than other vacation homes, and others have higher maintenance fees.

Rather than paying high annual dues, some timeshare owners are asking for the option to surrender their timeshares back to the developers so they can have their money back and start over. This is called a “Responsible Exit,” and it’s an important option for those who are unhappy with their timeshares but don’t want to end up in foreclosure or a debt settlement.

The timeshare industry’s biggest developers have a Coalition for Responsible Exit that offers guidance to their owners on how they can return their timeshares without paying the fees associated with doing so. It can be a daunting process, but it’s worth the effort to find out what options are available for you and your family.

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